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THIS is My Why...

It made all the difference in the success of my business.

‘Keep your head down and do your own thing!’ Those exact words came from my very first mentor in this entrepreneur space. Her name Marian Parsons, also known as Miss Mustard Seed. She was my blog idol at the time, furniture painter and small business owner EXTRAORDINAIRE. I will never forget that day. I bought her book at a market in Virginia. She was so kind to sign it. And for a brief minute or two, I spilled my guts about my dreams for this little business idea I had.

She smiled and offered words of encouragement. I felt like we truly connected and although her words that day meant a lot, I don’t remember a single one!! What I do remember, however, is her tearing off the corner of a piece of paper and jotting down her cell phone number. She tucked that jiblet of paper inside the book and handed it off to me with a smile.

It was one small gesture that meant the WORLD to this dream chasin’ gal who had no idea where to start. Someone waaaaaay further along in the journey taking the time to share her advice and knowledge with me,  someone much further behind her, and she expected nothing in return.

That was SIX YEARS AGO!! And I remember vividly the phone call we had when we finally arranged a chat. She shared her wisdom for blogging and business ownership, how to make money with ads, and more. But, the one thing that stands out the most was her advice to be myself. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing! Move to the beat of my own drum. And that’s what I’ve done ever since.



"My coaching session with Candace has lit a fire under my feet!! I am energized and excited to take my business to the next level... I went to the store and reworked my whole booth this afternoon!! I feel prepared and more knowledgeable in my business. Thank you, Candace, for not only showing us how it's done but also sharing your learning experience with us so that we can succeed at doing the things we love!!"

-Mary  @puddincreekcountryjunction

Today I want to be that person for you! I want to help those of you who may be a few steps behind me in the journey. I want to help you grow and achieve your dreams. I want to help you start your business or build one that you already have. I want to help you with social media strategies, online marketing, finding and converting your audience into buyers, diversifying your revenue streams so you can make a bigger impact and thus make more money! I want to help you build the business and life that you dream of.

My one-on-one coaching is a three month commitment. Me. You. And your idea or business. I will dive deep into your business, your goals, and develop a strategy to help you reach them. We will chat one hour every month, on the phone, me and you! And I will give you actionable steps you can take in your business to really move the needle, to get you closer to those goals.

I know how much it meant to me to have someone take the time to share what they had learned in their journey... so I didn’t make the same mistakes... so I could take the fast track to where I wanted to be and what I wanted to achieve. It made all the difference!

So, consider this, me tearing off a jiblet of paper, tucking it in the pages of your favorite book and extending a helping hand through my one-on-one coaching.

I say DREAM BIG. DO BIG. I can’t wait to help you get started!

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"My coaching session with Candace was invaluable! She really did her homework on my business and had great suggestions on areas of improvement. I appreciate that she not only gave examples but also had recommendations on tools that will be beneficial in helping me reach my goals. A coaching session with Candace is a great investment into your business."

-Tori Beth  @toribethandco

"I was lucky enough to win a free coaching call with Candace and it was such a great experience. I learned so much in 30 min! The process was so professional and Candace gave me some really great tips! She helped me choose a clear path to my goals and gave me suggestions that I put to use right away! I'm so thankful for the experience!"

-Sam  @swanksurroundings

Frequently Asked Questions

I am committed to my One-on-One clients and the growth and success of their business. I will take a deep look into your business, what you are doing, what your goals are, and how to best achieve them. I will give you actionable steps to move the needle in your business. But the work is up to you! I can't do the work for you. All I can do is provide guidance and suggestions of what has worked for us and what hasn't worked for us. There are no guarantees that your business will grow to a certain level. But I CAN GUARANTEE you that I will work just as hard on strategies for your business as I do my own. All I ask is that you meet me in the middle and do the work!

Over the last five years, we’ve created a six-figure retail business, selling ANTIQUES! A business that many argue is not sustainable or scalable, but we’ve proven otherwise. We've sold to people in 44 states and four other countries through our brick and mortar shop and online. We've participated in some of the biggest shows on the East Coast and have been featured in multiple news outlets on TV and in print. We hosted three outdoor markets ourselves, with thousands in attendance. We launched an online shop and in less than 90 days hit five figures in sales. We grew our Instagram account from zero to 6,000 in six months. We've done a lot and therefore have learned a lot. I don't promise to have all the answer, but I PROMISE I can find them! I sure hope we can grow our businesses together!

No. As much as I would love to chat with you each and every day, my personal phone number is private and will not be given out as part of this package. We will communicate through email as well as social media between our scheduled calls.

Once you purchase the One-on-One Coaching package, you will receive an email with instructions for scheduling our three calls. Calls will be scheduled Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm EST. We'll work together on a schedule that meets your needs.

No. One-on-One Coaching is a three month commitment, one that I take very seriously. From the moment you sign up for One-on-One Coaching I am invested in YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. I am spending time researching your business, your goals, and developing a strategy to help you achieve them. If you decide somewhere along the way, that One-on-One coaching isn't for you, we don't have to continue working together, however there are NO REFUNDS for this package. I commit to doing the work for you! I ask that you do the same.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.


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