Our Story

...the longer version. If I’m gonna tell our story, Bill and I that is, I should start at the beginning.

We met in 2004. Married in 2011. Spent two years of our 'dating life' half a country apart! Me, a News Reporter and Anchor in Texas. Bill a photojournalist (fancy word for camera man) in North Carolina. We flew back and forth every six weeks or so to see each other. If we could make it through that, we knew we could make it through just about anything!

We worked our entire careers in local television news. During that time, I won an Emmy Award for my reporting. I absolutely LOVE writing and telling stories. And Bill loved his job too.  But working in local news is extremely demanding on your time, your family, your life. And we wanted more.  

March 2, 2013 my Dad gave me a hundred dollars for my birthday. Years passed I would spend birthday money on groceries, or gas, nothing really meaningful. But that year was different. I had been tinkering in antiques for a little bit, buying things and fixing them up for our house. I shared my finds on my blog and social media. And people loved it! So I took that hundred bucks down to the local antique mall and got my first antique booth. That was in March. By May of that same year, I had grown to TWO antique booths and decided I was ready to take a crazy chance.


I quit my job in television!!

It was the scariest decision ever!  But it made me work that much harder to make this dream a reality. I spent the next year building Rusted Roots, the brand, the store, and our social media following.

And in November of 2014, we opened our very first brick and mortar location. A small shop in Hillsborough, NC. And although our space was small, she was the little shop that could and we were blown away by the response from the community. We never would have imagined that people would travel from over 19 states and three other countries to shop at our little store. We never thought we would go from being open five days a week to two days a month and we’d have a line at the door every opening day. We never imagined we would host three outdoor markets, the first of its kind in NC! But we did. We did all of that and our community showed up by the thousands!

It was incredible.

Toward the end of 2016, we realized that we had outgrown our little shop in Hillsborough and it was time to expand yet againSo in January of 2017, we took another leap of faith.

Bill quit his job in television to work full time for Rusted Roots.

It was our second scariest decision ever! But again, it drove us to work hard. We bought a small five acre farm that had a couple of old barns. And in April of 2017, the Rusted Roots Barn Shop was born. We hosted occasional Barn Sales on our property and travelled up and down the east coast setting up a mobile shop at events in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia… our little business was reaching more and more people each and every day.

Pretty crazy, right?

And THAT was the first year we hit six-figures in revenueAll from a single one hundred dollar bill and a TON of passion, perseverance, drive, and determination.

So we kept at it…

With the growth of our business, more and more people were asking us if we had an online shop. All the people that shopped with us at our pop-up events wanted more. So like we’ve done our entire business, we listened to what the people wantedAnd in March of 2018 opened our online shop. Y’all, in less than 90 days of opening the online store, we hit five figures in online revenue, nearly $12,000! That’s an average of $4,000 a month the first three months of our online store.

That still blows my mind! And I’m not alone.

As more and more people noticed the success of Rusted Roots, I realized I was answering the same questions over and over again on social media. How did we do it?

That brings us to 2019 and the launch of our personal brand Candace Herrero, where I share, teach, inspire and encourage women (and men) to chase their dreams of building a better business and life. I share this story, not to boast, in fact I get a little uncomfortable talking about our success, especially when I’m sharing our revenue reports. But I share it, so one, you can get to know us a little better. And two, so you can truly TRUST that I am qualified to teach you how to grow your small business.

I don’t claim to know all the secrets. I don’t have all the answers. But I can find them, and that’s what I’ve done my entire career as an entrepreneur. THAT is the secret to success. Work hard. Learn from those that are just one stop ahead of you. And NEVER give up!

It will be hard. You will want to quit. I can promise you that. But if you stick with it and put in the work, I can promise you will be rewarded. Maybe that’s leaving the corporate world. Maybe that’s more time with your family. Maybe that’s traveling more. Whatever your goal in your business and life, I would absolutely LOVE to help you get there.

Wanna work together to build your best life?!? I would LOVE that!


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